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Awaken Your Financial Potential

One-on-One Activation Session

Re-orient Your Financial Compass!

Just like directions are unique depending from where you begin, everyone should know where they are starting from before they can  contemplate directions.  No judgement, just empathy and support.


A solid "financial foundation" is needed so that you can make sustainable  progress on your financial journey and prepare to work with a financial advisor.


A one time 2 hour one-on-one coaching meeting with your Money Mentor, where you'll work together to set your spending plan and identify high-level goals from where where you stand right now on your money journey (it's not just financial) 

You can avoid  future "money" surprises

You can save more and build security

You can pay down debt

You can reduce stress and improve relationships


You can make progress and move forward towards prosperity and sovereignty over your finances with confidence!

Learn and implement a structure and strategies that allow you to have financial flexibility over your life rather than feeling restrictive.

NO ONE LIKE A DIET  !   (I know I don't)

Instead we want to build your financial muscle so you can feel powerful and prosperous.  Wealth is more than money, and when our finances are in order, there's more freedom and peace of mind in other areas and relationships in our life.

Need more info?  Want to chat?  Click below to schedule a Q & A call to find how we can get startedour more.

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