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What's the lotus about?


As fee-only  (not fee-based) advisor, I uphold the fiduciary standard of care, which I believe ensures that my firm's success is directly tied to the success of my clients. I do not sell products, nor am I ever compensated by commissions. Through every step of the planning process, I am committed to providing clients with the utmost confidence and trust in the financial guidance they receive — free from conflicts of interest around "product" sales.

How we get paid?

As a fee only Planning firm, Being in Abundance gets paid the following ways:

  • By retainer for Financial Planning, with value based tiered pricing based on the complexity of your situation

  • A "value based" flat fee for limited scope projects of packages

  • An hourly rate

  • A percentage based on the investment assets under management (AUM) 

Benefits of a fee-based model may include:

  • transparency 

  • no hidden charges  

  • no conflicts of interest to sell a certain product line or company offering


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