Individual Money Coaching

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Individual Money Coaching is a process that involves 4-5 sessions that explore your relationship with money using the 8 Money Archetypes as developed by the work of Deborah Price.  Through this process you will uncover feelings and beliefs around money and discover where those came from; understanding your money Archetypes, where and when they show up, as well as how they play together and the reasons behind your conflict of issues with money.  We'll examine how these experiences have manifested in your life, affected your personal or financial decision making and what may be holding you back from taking actions or shifting your perspective.  Once we have begun to understand the WHY, we can  heal and clear those unconscious holds and stop running on autopilot  and being frustrated by the same outcome.

This is an experiential program that brings to light areas that you may not have been aware of.  You will learn how we as humans are hard-wired around money and many times react from an unconscious place (usually getting an unwanted result).  Once you have a better understanding of your basic money patterns and where they came from, we can begin developing an action plan. But let's be honest, real change can only take place if you are willing to do things differently than they have been done in the past, this includes implementing new strategies and actions.

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