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How we can work together

Making Every Client Your Best Client

Is that even possible?

Wouldn't it be great if every client was our best or ideal client?


My mission at Being in Abundance, is to be of service.  I do that by helping our clients transform their lives around money by analyzing how they spend and save.  As part of my process, I support clients in the identification  of patterns, their values,  WHY they engage in these financial behaviors (where they came from)  and the impact they are having on their current situation, as well as in the developments of strategies to change what their experience around money has been so far.  


As a CFP® and past Investment Manager, I know how much time you spend helping your clients manage their day to day finances and choices.  I also know that's not where you want to spend your time and it's most likely your least  favorite part of your day.   

YOU are my Most Valuable Asset

As a professional, YOU are seeking clients with money to invest, need tax advice or clients restarting their life after a transition such as divorce, widowhood or a career transition.

As a Financial Coach, I help clients "find money", save towards their goals and partner with other professionals to create a plan for their future and to "invest" their newly found money wisely.

When Would Partnering Makes Sense For Your Clients?     They ...


  • Can't tell you how much they spend on groceries, what they bought at AMAZON, and spend X at COSTCO in addition to grocery shopping and claim it's "saving them money"

  • Are making little to no contributions to their investment or retirement accounts

  • Are claiming to live paycheck to paycheck

  • Are taking premature or unplanned  withdrawals from their accounts

  • Are receiving additional income (tax refunds, stimulus money, inheritance, bonuses, raises) that never make it to the accounts you manage

  • Are taking on debt that keeps them from reaching their stated savings goals

  • Are thinking of divorce but unsure if they can afford it OR it creates a conflict of interest for you as their advisor

Benefits to Partnering together


  • Reduced expenses for ALL my Clients = Increased savings

  • Increased savings  =  Increased AUM for you

  • Additional value you may add with clients by expanding services offered

  • Higher conversion and closing rates

  • More time for you to spend on what YOU do best, rather than convincing them on making changes to their spending

  • Increased client engagement and commitment to their financial future

  • Remove any conflict of interest "real" or "perceived" when you are managing assets of clients looking to divorce

  • Partner with another professional with a proven track record that you can trust who is NOT looking to manage your clients assets

If you are interested in exploring how we may partner together, click the button below to schedule a 30 minute call

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