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Why not now?

Tired of traditional advisors only concerned about assets?  Or being spoken at, or even ignored during client meetings?   We know that wealth is more than money and I get that you are unique, just like me. And because of that, there are several ways we can work together.  


See what seems in alignment with what you think you might need or want to learn more about, and then schedule a "Q & A Call" so that we may identify if there's a way for me to support you, or your organization directly or provide you with a another resource, including a another professional or an organization.

Michelle in a suit after a business meeting
90 Minute Strategy session - $500
  (mention discount code "Bright2024" when booking and receive 10-20% off depending on the service/package) 

A perfect first step when planning for:

  • Your first child

  • Buying your first home

  • A career change

  • Understanding RSU's, ISO's, NSO's and developig a strategy for buy & sell

  • One parent to stay home

  • Caregiving for a parent (sandwich generation)


Fill out a quick pre-session questionnaire and any applicable prep work. I'll use it to prep for your call so the two of us can hit the ground running.

Receive a followup email with action steps, resources, and info to help you use them.s

Strategy sesson

Financial Coaching

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Having a Spending Plan

It all starts with your current financial situation, personal values, and knowing what comes in and what goes out.  Let's work together to create a plan that allows you to live within  you means and reach your goals. 

Paying Down Debt

Money is emotional, and debt can feel overwhelming. There's no "one size fits all" plan that works for everyone. We'll determine the best debt strategies to keep you on track, motivated and accountable.

Your Future Financial Self

You know what you want, but maybe you're not sure how to get there.  Maybe you've tried before and didn't succeed at the level you wanted.  Like a money mentor, I'm here for you at any stage; working with you to analyze you situation, and make adjustments as your life unfolds. 

Financial Coaching
Get started with an ACTIVATION Session TODAY!      (coaching packages starting at $497 all in) 

I believe that everyone deserves to feel financially secure and have the tools to build a richer fuller life. - Michelle

Together we'll can even map up out who you pay, what you pay, and when.

That includes your savings, as well as  agreed upon milestones along the way, so you  can gauge if you are  meeting your financial goals.

Get a detailed picture of your financial life and get clear on what has been holding you back from achieving your goals.

Just like driving directions, we need to know the starting point before a plan can be made - it's not just numbers!

1 - Get Clarity through Analysis
2 - Design a Roadmap
 3 - Implement Your Plan

As a your Financial Coach, I will take a

high-level look at your financial life, and create a plan that will take into account your cash-flow, expenses and

both short and longer term goals.

Everyone is different, includig their money story, so be assured that together, we will create a plan unique to you. 

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement and withdrawing in retirement are 2 distinct phases with different needs and strategies - yet both need to consider tax planning to be most efficient and reduce risk. Let me help you maximize your IRA's, 401K, and small business retirement savings needs to ensure you are on track to retire comfortably.

Education & College Planning

Your partner in analyzing college funding and withdrawal payment strategies for children & grandchildren to ensure they make sense for your situation.

Sandwich Generation

Disability or age can leave you in a position to care for a parent while raising your own children. This can create another set of considerations to navigate, increase expenses and create stress; medicaid/medicare, skilled care, nursing homes, in home help, doctor visits.  I've been there and understand.

Tax Planning

Paying off your home doesn't always make the most sense. Withdrawing from retirement assets in a less efficient manner helps dissipate assets quicker.

smiling and happy 40ish couple riding cycles together
Risk Management

The point of insurance is to mitigate your loss of income or assets due to Illness, disability or death. Periodic reviewing of disability, life, auto, annuity & long term care policies ensure they still make sense.

Estate Planning

Working with your or my trusted legal & tax professionals to review trust, wills, and beneficiaries designations to support your legacy wishes and reduce potential exposure to estate tax and probate costs.

Not sure if you're ready to jump into Financial Planning?    START 2022 confidently

Why not start with a "10-point Financial Wellness" checkup to identify "pain" points?     $597 
Financial Planning

Investment Management

Smiling young retiree couple

We begin with YOU!  Your values and goals, risk-tolerance, risk capacity and previous experience.  We develop an investment plan and measurable objectives unique to you; one that supports you in creating the possibilities you see for your life.  These are reviewed periodically to keep you on track and adjusted according to milestones and changes in your life.


Reducing fees and excessive trading, helps to keep costs down, and increase you net return. 

Intentional choices

We are long-term investors, not traders.  We believe in using strategies based on data and analysis to manage your portfolio, make decisions, reduce risk, and implement tax efficient opportunities when possible.

Investment Management

Money Coaching


4 step process - Individual Money Coaching is a process that involves 4-5 sessions that explore your relationship with money using the 8 Money Archetypes as developed by the work of Deborah Price.  Through this process you will uncover feelings and beliefs around money and discover where those came from; understanding your money Archetypes, where and when they show up, as well as how they play together and the reasons behind your conflict of issues with money.  We'll examine how these experiences have manifested in your life, affected your personal or financial decision making and what may be holding you back from taking actions or shifting your perspective.  Once we have begun to understand the WHY, we can  heal and clear those unconscious holds and stop running on autopilot  and being frustrated by the same outcome.

This experiential program brings to light areas that you may not have been aware of.  You'll learn how we as humans are hard-wired around money and many times react from an unconscious place (usually getting an unwanted result).  Once you have a better understanding of your basic money patterns and where they came from, we can begin developing an action plan. But let's be honest, real change can only take place if you are willing to do things differently than they have been done in the past, this includes implementing new strategies and actions.

Group Coaching circles
2 women talking on a couch

Take your Money Type QUIZ!

Got a group? Maybe from work, friends, church or family? Group circles can be facilitated at a reduced rate.

 Use the button below to schedule time to learn more about individual or group Money Coaching, or to receive a complimentary review of your Money Type Quiz results. 

Money Coaching

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Planning
a blonde women sitting with a client at her laptop
Providing Financial Guidance during the Divorce Process

Under our sister company, Being Mindful in Divorce, I collaborate with individuals clients, couples, mediators, attorneys and other professionals during your divorce process. Providing financial  expertise around retirement assets, pension valuations,  RSU's, separate & marital property with a tax efficient approach. Divorce has a big impact on you; your family, and your financial future. Divorce Financial Planning can help you take control and make sound decisions, so that the outcome of your divorce doesn’t cost you needless dollars.

Done with procrastinating and confusion on where to begin?  Stressed by money  matters?

Desiring  awareness and understanding of limiting money beliefs and triggers?


Wanting to create financial security and stability?


Wanting more time and money to do the things you love?   The freedom to and enjoy life's pleasures?


Looking for accountability, partnership, and guidance in developing skills and measurable goals?


I can help you do all this and more by getting clear on your current situation, defining goals and developing a personalized game plan with strategies to keep you on track.

Are you ready to get started?  
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