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Your Financial Journey Begins Here

Dream. Plan. Take Action. Step Into Your Power.

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Financial Planning


We achieve success by having a plan. One-time, ongoing, limited scope projects - aligning your financial actions with your values 

Investment Management

Build a diversified portfolio that aligns with and supports your financial objectives and well-being

Financial Coaching

Discover how money supports your values and goals. Feel confidence as anxiety is reduced and the weight of debt is lifted

Divorce Financial Planning

Reduce the emotional and financial impact; have peace of mind and understand what you are agreeing to in both the short and long term

"Being in Abundance"

... is a participle phrase. "Being" is a verb that describes YOU.  It implies that you are in action, and deciding how you will show up in life, with others and in your relationship with money - it's a "state".   Being in Abundance for me is connecting to that "knowing" that you are more, that you are enough.

My philosophy around life and wealth starts with a core belief that we can grow and thrive in any circumstance.  That "our present circumstances don't determine where we can go; they merely merely determine where we start” - Nido Qubein.

As women we have unique challenges, and as we are more and more becoming the  equal or primary bread winners in our homes, our challenges are growing.  And these are not necessarily solved by living with a partner in a committed relationship rather than marrying, or remaining single. We make less and save less than men, and often care for others ahead of ourselves and that needs to change.  Financial self-care is an act of self-love and allows us to better take care of those we are committed to.  Financial coaching, planning are all acts of self-care.

Who do we Serve? 

Being in Abundance is a Fee-only advisory firm upholding a fiduciary level of care for clients; from daily money management, growing and accumulating wealth, to retirement planning and investment management.  Click below to learn more about what that means and how we get paid.

Providing ongoing wealth management & comprehensive financial planning to help clients build, grow and protect wealth; with upfront planning, ongoing support and accountability



 30-minute  Q&A Call 


Let's find out what might make the most sense for your financial next step

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Our Process
Who we serve
Success-minded Professionals



Life can put a lot of demands on our time, money and wellbeing.  Our clients are often in a blossoming career, but are finding that they struggle to reduce financial stress and make the most of their wealth; or, are just too busy to put something else on their plate.  That’s where Being in Abundance comes in! 

Women in Transition


Navigating life's transitions with you; first time career, marriage, children, divorce, career change, entrepreneur, blended family, care giver for a parent, widowhood etc. As women we have unique challenges, not just around finances. Being in Abundance has the expertise to support you in overcoming obstacles and seeing them as opportunities for personal and professional growth.

December 12 - 14

FPA National Conference

Financial Planning considerations for 

Unmarried Couples

Seattle Washington

Family Stewards

Our family's financial wellbeing is not only for today but has the possibilities to reach into tomorrows. With thoughtful financial guidance tailored to your unique goals and lifestyle, Being in Abundance helps clients create a cycle of generational wealth so you can leave a financial  legacy to future generations.

Thriving Retirees


Leveraging dynamic portfolio design, planning and withdrawal strategies that change with your life, goals, tax law and the market. Let's make retirement the beginning of the next best chapter not the end. Life has no guarantees but I strive to work with you to reach your  post working goals without sacrificing your long term outlook in retirement.

Who we Serve


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