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Michelle Petrowski

Founder, CFP®, CDFA®

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Welcome Dear Reader


These are times of transition for sure with COVID-19.  

In 2012, after going back to school mid-life 3 years earlier to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®),  I left my Registered Investment Advisory (RIA)  firm & partner; moving across the country to AZ with no job or a place to live as a result of my divorce to save my child's life for medical reasons - leaving my other child behind.  This was heartbreaking (see story here). It also devastated my personal resources and resulted in an estimated loss of $1MM in future retirement assets due to legal costs, game playing and an unequitable settlement.

My career has taken twists & turns since then; working as an Investment Manager at Schwab Private Client, working with divorcing singles/couples as a mediator or a financial advocate/neutral, and as a Personal Financial Counselor for the National Guard & Active Duty Army.  I have been fighting the "calling" to start another firm since 2013, I've been afraid of starting over again, AND I feel that all my life experiences have brought me to the point to be a greater stand for women and families and have more impact in our world.


But all of these events in my life share one characteristic.  All these bring in a "new normal". They challenge me to evaluate my beliefs, shift my perspective, and adapt if I am  to be resilient and ready to move forward in my truth.

These are times where we all can go inward. Where we can be gentle with ourselves and remember who we were, who we are, who we want to recreate ourselves to be; and craft the life we want to live.

We are also in the beginning phase of a tremendous intergenerational wealth transfer that will ultimately lead to women being in a position of controlling the majority of household wealth.  As a result of my own devastating divorce I am a stand for women and families; supporting you in developing the knowledge and skills to create the life you want to live, to be a leader in your family or community, having impact in our world.

Typically wealth is measured in terms of money and physical possessions.  Because finances and emotions are so closely linked, I believe that wealth also includes our emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical well-being. 

As I look around our world, I see we need something different.  We have a financial literacy crisis.  Children today are not taught these concepts and skills in school.  Women still, as a whole. abdicate financial matters to their partner and do not feel confident about investing and many times even about basic money matters.  In my role as an Portfolio Manager and even working with divorcing couples I became keenly aware of this divide and a need for something more. 


My role is to help you get clear on your values and goals, identify deeper underlying issues or patterns that may keep you from moving forward and define what could be possible with a financial road-map and behavioral shifts. I am your financial "thought partner", keeping you accountable and on track with your big picture and the small steps along the way to get you there; but you are in control of what you decide to do, not me.

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