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5 Tips to Keeping Your “Purpose” Strong

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

What is re-grounding?

As a solo-preneur it can be hard to stay motivated.

Even when we’ve found our purpose, we can get disengaged, discouraged, trapped in fear and doubt that we can’t make a difference in this world. As a #solo-preneur it can be hard to stay motivated. A couple of  days ago, I shared in a blog that I believed that most of us want to know our life’s purpose, we want to follow our #passion, make an impact in the world. Two years ago, I had just come off a weekend that re-grounded my #purpose, and then I lost sight of that again. Over the last 2 years things were changing again in a direction that I did not anticipate and so I wanted to share some tips that I needed to revisit to help keep that alive for me. I needed to revisit and reground to what was next.

5 Tips

But I needed the steady income while ramping up my business (I told myself).

  1. Community – Connect with and maintain a community of like-minded individuals. Stretch yourself. If you are the smartest or wisest in the group, it’s time to get uncomfortable and join a community at the next level of where you aspire to be.

  2. Practice – create a practice; yoga, meditation, journaling; something that quiets “the chatter” in your mind at the beginning, and maybe even at the end, of the day. Reviewing past successes is motivating. It doesn’t need to be an hour. 5 minutes can be effective because it’s about commitment, accountability and connection. Grounding and centering.

  3. Visual/Audio/Action – Have a visual that reminds you of what you are committed to. Maybe it a sales goals, calls, or connections for the week. Maybe it’s about the vacation you are taking if you hit a savings or salary goals. Emotional connection to actions that = an end goal is important. It’s the “motivational juice”. Music is a great connector to emotion and action. Having a “power” song. Some of mine are “We weren’t born to follow” - Bon Jovi, “Unwritten”- Natasha “Beddingfield, “Chain-breaker”, “ Eye of the Tiger”, anything Journey and “It’s Raining Men”. ( I did say that last one! Don’t ask - it’s a childhood memory)  No, mine are not “The Chain smokers”, “.Tiësto”, or Kendrick Lemar, and I am dating myself, but you get the point!  WHAT ARE YOURS?

  4. Reduce clutter to clear your vision – I don’t know about you, but I am affected by clutter. It throws off my energy and my commitment. Quite honestly it literally can suck the life out of me. So it’s super important that my living room is tidy when I enter my home. My office and bedroom are sacred spaces. When they are cluttered I have blocks and de-motivation in all areas of my life.

  5. Dream/impact – Think about the almost certain inevitable future if nothing changes – IF YOU DO NOTHING. I love the quote by J.F. Kennedy “If not I, who? If not know, when?’ The world needs your unique gifts and talents if things are to improve in your area of PURPOSE.

Looking back over the last two years I can see where all of these have waned. You see I took on an assignment, and then it started to take me off course. But I needed the steady income while ramping up my business (I told myself). As a result, I lost community. The hours driving each day on that commute left less and less time for my meditation practice. My office space suffered and I spent less time dreaming and connecting to my purpose. I was back on the hamster wheel; my direction and resolve in a whirlwind.

But then I rejoined a Life-coaching class, reconnected with a childhood friend and COVID-19 happened. I love when things start to unfold...

We grow in the "in-between" spaces


It's between the comfortable and uncomfortable that we are challenged and grow.

I realize that I’ve grown,  I have changed and morphed over time based on my life experiences and I am not my 20 year old self.  And I'm still growing. So, meet yourself where you are NOW. You get to “re-create” you. The clearer and more connected you get to your purpose, the easier it will be to maintain it.  And it may have changed, that's OK.

Be in ACTION.  As part of this, I created a private online FB group, where we share what we're up to, our priorities for the week, our breakdowns and victories. And now I'm moving forward with Financial Coaching and my childhood friend has encouraged me to create weekly videos and a pod-cast. We'll see how that goes over the coming weeks!

Other great tips can be found at 8 ways for #Entrepreneurs to Stay Motivated. We all need places where we can be reminded that we are so much more than the world wants us to believe!

For me that purpose is the financial empowerment of women and female leadership in our world and a commitment to families that are workable . I was so grateful for that weekend, this time now to reflect and hope that my sharing of this experience can support you on your journey. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE.

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