5 Tips to Keeping Your “Purpose” Strong

Updated: Nov 13

What is re-grounding?

As a solo-preneur it can be hard to stay motivated.

Even when we’ve found our purpose, we can get disengaged, discouraged, trapped in fear and doubt that we can’t make a difference in this world. As a #solo-preneur it can be hard to stay motivated. A couple of  days ago, I shared in a blog that I believed that most of us want to know our life’s purpose, we want to follow our #passion, make an impact in the world. Two years ago, I had just come off a weekend that re-grounded my #purpose, and then I lost sight of that again. Over the last 2 years things were changing again in a direction that I did not anticipate and so I wanted to share some tips that I needed to revisit to help keep that alive for me. I needed to revisit and reground to what was next.