Cash? Why Would Anyone Use That?

Updated: Nov 13

Do you swipe your debit card when you shop? Gas? Food? Costco? Amazon? etc. You get the point.

Or maybe you pay for everything on your credit card because you want "the points"? Oh yes, those illustrious points; and you plan to pay in full every month, but sometimes that doesn't happen. But that's OK, because you'll pay it in full next month. But then that doesn't happen either. And then maybe you see your credit card balance increasing and maybe you even find yourself now taking a personal consolidation loan to pay off that high interest rate credit card(s).

Have you ever received an overdraft fee in your checking account? Or found that you don't have enough in your checking account to pay your upcoming bills, so now you need to pay late on your obligations, maybe affecting your credit score and even incurring a late fee.

When you look back and calculate all that interest that you paid on your credit card(s) and maybe that personal consolidation loan, those late fees on your credit cards, overdraft fees and factor in the possible ding to your credit score (due to late paid bills), maybe the points weren't worth it after all. Maybe?