Financial Abuse: Taboo - real or make believe?

Updated: Nov 13

Part 1 – Financial Abuse, Abuse REALLY?

Is Financial Abuse even a "thing"?

Unfortunately, when most women get to this point, they have already ignored so many warning signs and are now in the fire and asking “How did I get here?”.

Financial abuse can be a subtle manipulative, ‘wooing” process that wears us down slowly so that we start to normalize the behaviors. Or it can be overt, demanding, intimating or a combination of all the above. It begins in the dating phase, and it un-hooks us from our “gut brain” or #intuition. I’ve seen this increasing and occurring repeatedly with too many smart, educated women as women continue to earn more and advance in the workforce – myself included, which is why I want to address this important topic. It’s not just the stay-at-home mom.

In its most straightforward form, when one person deprives another access to financial resources or the ability to make money this is called