How Do I Find a Financial Advisor ?

Updated: Nov 13

Updated 02.01.2021

We work hard and sometimes we save. Some folks save well and others do not, and Covid19 has only made that choice more difficult with folks finding it hard to make ends meet as women are leaving the work force, the burdens of home-schooling are mounting, and business are closing.

Life transitions are great times to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Financial Coach or another financial professional. But where does one begin?

" don’t want to “have to work”, you’d like "the choice to work" sometime in the future when you retire.."

If you're just starting a career, moving out, getting #married, divorced or have recently become a #widow - these can all potentially impact your taxes, monthly spending plan (cash flow) and the certainty of a secure financial future now and eventually in retirement.