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Professional Trainings & Corporate Wellness

Customizable packages

Professional Trainings

Potential CFP CE & Bar CLE credit available upon request


Integrated Financial planning is more than the externals as we've been taught.  It also has to do with the skills we acquire to support our clients in exploring their past experiences and present considerations in order to achieve future goals. Examining our own scripts and biases help us  in understanding our unconscious responses to clients and help us more effectively help them.  

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Corporate Wellness

Protect employee health and productivity. COVID-19 has only added to the anxiety and stress experienced at the workplace. 


This manifests in...

  • a sense of loss 

  • feelings of uncertainty, frustration, and overwhelm

  • employees suffer from lack of direction and disconnection as social distancing and working from home continues

  • Relational stresses heat up at home with couple working in close quarters sometimes while home-schooling or child-care is also taking place

This directly affects the corporate bottom line as ...

  • motivation and productivity decrease

  • absenteeism increases

  • increased healthcare costs

  • decreased employee retention

  • increased employee acquisition costs


Just as these are all real and measurable consequences to a business, so are the benefits.

Benefits of Employee Health...

  • less stress results in 

    • improved employee health

    • reduced healthcare costs for the company & employee

    • improved employee relations

  • improved employee morale 

    • improves employee work satisfaction

    • increases satisfaction with employer 

    • improves employee engagement

    • improves employee retention 

    • reduces employee acquisition costs due to turnover

  • decreased absenteeism

  • increases productivity and team efficiencies

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